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What is a cremation service?
Cremation services usually involve a gathering of family and friends who wish to say goodbye to a loved one, this is known as a cremation committal.

There may be a funeral service at a church or different venue before moving to the crematorium for the committal, or a religious or non-religious service may take place at the crematorium before the cremation. A few days after the cremation, the ashes are returned to the loved ones of the deceased individual.

Planning a cremation ceremony
If you choose to hold the service in a crematorium, it can take the same form as one held in a church, with hymns or music of your choice, prayers, parables, eulogy and photographs of your loved one presented on a TV screen. 

Services can also be non-religious if you wish.

Some Crematoriums can offer live streaming of the service via a video link if family or friends are unable to attend the service. The family can decided who could watch the service as a secure pin to access the video link is supplied.

Direct Cremation
Also known as an ‘Unattended Cremation,’ a Direct Cremation includes arrangements and all necessary documentation, collection of the deceased in working hours, traditional coffin and cremation at a local crematorium.

A Direct Cremation is simply the provision of a low cost, unattended cremation without a funeral ceremony.  You don’t go to visit the person who has died in the funeral home, there is no hearse, no procession, and no service in the crematorium. Although no family or friends are present, the deceased is always cremated with all due reverence, respect and dignity by one of our funeral directors.

What to do with your loved ones ashes
There are quite a few ways that cremated remains can be laid to rest, some suggestions are listed here. Deighan’s can advise you of any costs.

– Buried in a new ashes grave.
– Buried in an existing ashes grave with another family member.
– Buried in an existing full size grave.
– Scattered at a crematorium.
– Scattered in a churchyard/cemetery. (where allowed)
– Buried at a natural burial ground/green cemetery.
– Scattered, or buried, personally by the family in a special garden or location.
– Buried at sea.

Memorial Jewellery Keepsakes
Dieghan’s offer a beautiful range of memorial jewellery for both men and women by integrating ashes, locks of hair or a finger print of your loved one as a special keepsake.

Our Memorial Jewellery allows you keep those precious memories close to your heart, encased in expertly handcrafted bracelets, rings, pendants and earrings.

Dieghan’s extensive range of keepsakes can be found on our Memorial Jewellery website.

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