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Increasingly we are asked to advise families on environmentally friendly options and thi can mean many things – reducing your carbon footprint.  As a result we offer a range of traditional coffins and caskets that are made with wood from sustainable sources.

If your loved one appreciated their natural surroundings, this allows their attitude to be honoured after they’ve passed.

All the dignity of a traditional funeral, combined with practical respect for the environment. All our options are fully biodegradable and reduce our reliance on solid timber, safeguarding the future of forests and woodlands worldwide.

There are many factors that make a green funeral or eco-friendly burial, these include:

  • Biodegradable or eco coffin – these are made from materials that have minimal environmental impacts
  • No headstone or permanent memorial – this is to keep the site as natural as possible, with the exception of approved tree planting
  • Burial over cremation – cremation requires a lot of fuel and produces high levels of CO2
  • The body is not usually embalmed – this process of preserving a body requires chemicals that are not environmentally friendly when left in the ground
  • Minimal vehicles for funeral attendees – cars have a negative impact on the environment, so try and carpool where possible to reduce your carbon footprint

Willow Coffin

Made by hand in the UK, this is a natural willow coffin – and an exceptionally beautiful example of the environmentally-friendly coffins now available.

This traditional craft consumes no energy in its manufacture, requiring only the skill of the basket-maker. The sturdy willow coffin also consumes less energy for cremation and, for burial, the coffins are completely biodegradable – and decompose at a faster rate than traditional hardwood coffins. 

Bamboo Coffin
The Bamboo Coffin completes the environmentally-friendly range of coffins we offer. It is crafted using traditional weaving and carpentry skills – and is totally biodegradable.

The bamboo utilised is grown specifically for manufacturing purposes, and is ‘panda friendly’ in that the species of bamboo is not eaten by pandas. It is cultivated on plantations licensed by the Chinese government and then taken to a responsibly managed factory where the Bamboo Coffins are produced.

Cardboard Coffin
Each of our cardboard coffins are high-quality in design and constructed using sustainable materials. They are made predominantly from a mixture of recycled cardboard and paper. What’s more, we only use corn starch glue in their manufacture.

Being made in this way means that our cardboard coffins use 40% less material to manufacture than traditional coffins. This makes them substantially lighter which, in turn, reduces the environmental impact.

Wooden Coffins and Caskets
Deighans offer a range of sustainably sourced woods that go into the handcrafted manufacture of our coffins and caskets. 

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If you’re unsure, we’ll be happy to run through the various options. For more information and advice please contact us.