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Woodland burial grounds are becoming a more popular and natural alternative to conventional burial and cremation options.

Additionally, a woodland burial appeals to the friends and family. The idea of laying a loved one to rest amongst nature, surrounded by trees, flowers and wildlife is becoming increasingly popular.

What is a woodland burial?
A woodland burial, also referred to as a green burial or natural burial, is an eco-friendly alternative to a traditional funeral or cremation. They usually occur in rural locations such as wooded areas, forests or meadows – not traditional cemeteries – and offer a picturesque final resting place for your loved one.

Unlike a traditional funeral, woodland burials consider the environmental impacts of laying someone to rest in the ground and focus on making a small or non-existent carbon footprint.

What is considered a green burial or eco funeral?
Nowadays, as people think more about their lasting impact on the environment, a commonly asked question is: what is the most environmentally friendly funeral?

There are many factors that make a green funeral or eco-friendly burial, these include:

Biodegradable or eco coffin – these are made from materials that have minimal environmental impacts

No headstone or permanent memorial – this is to keep the site as natural as possible, with the exception of approved tree planting.

Burial over cremation

  • Cremation requires a lot of fuel and produces high levels of CO2
  • The body is not usually embalmed – this process of preserving a body requires chemicals that are not environmentally friendly when left in the ground
  • Minimal vehicles for funeral attendees – cars have a negative impact on the environment, so try and carpool where possible to reduce your carbon footprint

What happens at a woodland burial?
Unlike a traditional funeral, woodland burials are considered more flexible. They don’t follow a conventional agenda, nor do they require hymns or religious readings – unless you wish. With a natural burial, there are no expectations, giving you the freedom to carry out the ceremony according to your friend or family member’s wishes.

Flowers are normally removed a week or so after burial – the intention of a woodland burial is that, over time, no external markers of the final resting place will remain.

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