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After a funeral at the crematorium there are a number of options of where your loved one`s ashes can be placed, or maybe you just wish to take them home with you.

Some families wish to just keep them at home, we offer a large range of urns and caskets if you would like to see the options.

Alternatively, other families wish to scatter their loved one`s ashes in a place that is special to them as a family. Please be aware there are restrictions where you can do this, please refer to the certificate of cremation for reference or contact us for further guidance.

Ashes can also be scattered at the crematorium where the cremation has taken place. This can be done after the service and family can be present if they wish.

You may wish to scatter your loved one`s ashes at sea, specialist urns or pillows are available for these special types of scattering, you will be unable to just “scatter” the ashes as there are specific guidelines. Please contact us for more information.

We are happy to arrange the interment of your loved one`s ashes and there are a number of options available.


Interment in an existing plot in a cemetery or churchyard
We can arrange for your loved one`s ashes to be placed in an existing family plot, and help you to complete all the necessary paperwork. Usually a short service will be held, either by a celebrant or minister to lay your loved one`s ashes to rest in their final resting place.  Please call to discuss prices and options and if you wish to purchase a casket.

Purchase of a plot in a cemetery or churchyard
We will help you choose a plot and then lay your loved one`s ashes to rest. Please note that Churchyards may have restrictions of whom can purchase a plot.

Memorial trees
Ashes can be laid to rest with the planting of a tree or shrub. Life for a life is a charity that offers this in their memorial forests. Please contact us for availability and prices.

We are here to help
For more information and advice please contact us.